Minutes from the April Meeting

Here are the minutes from our April Meeting.
Also attached is the Side Scan Survey Report for the 1812 Wrecks that Dave Sheridan will submit to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports.

Divers Wanted!
We have a lot of great projects coming up and we need lots of divers. If you want to participate, please send me an email. If you do want to help out, Dive Tech is offering free air or 32% Nitrox. There's enough work for divers of all levels. We're currently planning dives for the first 2 weekends in May to setup the mooring lines on some of the wrecks.

Archaeology Course
Brian Prince is organizing an NAS level 1 course in Brockville in July (dates to be confirmed at a later time).
Skills learned on this course will be useful for our project to survey 2 wrecks from the war of 1812 this summer. Contact me if you want more information, or if you are interested in signing up. Hurry before it's full !

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday May 7, at 7pm at Bud's on the Bay Restaurant in Brockville. I hope you can all make it.

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