We're Planning a NAS level 1 course in Brockville - Are you Interested?

This message is from Brian Prince who is organizing a Level 1 NAS Course for us in Brockville this Summer. Please share this information with all your friends who may be interested:

Hi Everyone,

I am organizing the NAS level 1 here in Brockville as well as a planned survey of two 1812 wrecks in the area. I have talked to the SOS Board and July is suggested for the NAS 1 (nice warm water) - I need to provide two weekends. You can use your new skills on a planned survey project - history:

Sophia http://images.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca/38352/data
Island Packet http://images.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca/38353/data

Typically the NAS level 1 course runs Friday evening, Saturday all day and evening and Sunday all day. Cost starts at $150 and is influenced by the chapters costs for venue (pool + venue + tutor costs).

We cover Wooden Ship building (so you can see a pile of boards and know how they all fit together), Measuring techniques (baseline and trilateration), sketching and note taking standards. There will be a number of other segments on underwater Archaeology. There will be classroom, workshops, pool work and open water on Sunday.

When complete you will get an internationally recognized NAS passport card that gets signed off for NAS level 1 and has other signoff requirements for NAS levels 2 through 4. So as you work on other projects and attend conferences, your requirements for the next levels become completed. Non-divers can attend and will work as part of a team. Generally survey projects require NAS 1 minimum since the project can't afford the time to train you in basic skills.

For those who do the underwater measuring, 2 single tanks (or doubles) are needed 1 for Pool, 2 for open water. We can work with the local dive shop for overnight fills. Minimum Open Water Certification required. SOS 2013 membership AND the OUC insurance rider is required for students. OUC can be sent in separately 30 days in advance of the course. Because of this, there will be little chance for 11th hour enrollment. There is hope of the venue being at the new Aquatarium if it is complete enough by July.

There is also a MAX Class size of 24, so please get involved now. Registration is open first to 1000 Islands Chapter members, followed by Eastern Region chapters and then beyond. Your position in the roster is dependent on expression of interest and chapter by March 29th (1 week) to me the Project Leader. After this date every spot is open to everyone, on a first come basis... If needed a waiting list will be created. Those who register (PAY) by a TBD future date will hold their roster placement. Again, this is interest only at this point, but get your name on the list ASAP to fit into the limited seating.

MORE ABOUT THE NAS LEVEL 1 http://saveontarioshipwrecks.ca/get-involved/nas-training

I need two things initially from those interested (BY EMAIL PLEASE to bmp(at)brianprince.ca ).

a) Name(s) & Contact info of those interested (email, phone, cell, address)

b) ALL Weekends 1 to 4 in July you ARE AVAILABLE

Weekend1: July 6, 7, 8
Weekend2: July 12, 13, 14
Weekend3: July 19, 20, 21
Weekend4: July 26, 27, 28

THIS IS INTEREST ONLY at this time. When I have this by FRIDAY March 29th, I will work with the Tutors and venues to determine a final date and cost. Further details to follow. Let me know if you have questions.

*** Please Forward to anyone else interested ASAP ***

Brian Prince