August 4, 2014 Minutes

August 8, 2014

Meeting Minutes for Monday August 4, 2014

7 pm at The Barley Mow, Parkdale Rd (across from Kelsey’s), Brockville, ON

Called to order at 7:05 pm by Jen.

Attendance: Steve Hatch, Jen Bush, Diane Tetrault, Ian Zimmermann, Lorie Holmes, Sam Kabbani, Bob Ligthart, Paul Biezing, Ian Robinson, Richard Swan.

Agenda items ;

Centeen Park: This was a big topic during the meeting and will be broken down below.

Sculptures timeline. Yes there will be more sculptures placed in the park over the next year and beyond. Some added suggestions for the park include a mileage chart like what they have at Dutch Springs. A directional map of Centeen would also be nice to have on slates for divers practicing navigation.

Parking: Ian and Lorie offered some insight that if parking was moved to the south side of the road opposite residential properties, it would offer some extra spaces for parking, would offer some distance from peoples homes, and would help alleviate the need to cross the sometimes busy road. In turn, there will be no parking on the residential side. The City does not have the funding for this at this time.

Instructor wish list: Traveling instructors would like to see at least one more platform in the area. They would also like a couple more changing areas and assigned keys for the bathrooms after the designated season. A lockbox might be a good solution for this.

New Sign at the stairs: If you haven’t been to Centeen for just over a week, when you get to the stairs you will see a new shiny sign. You have to look up though as it is not at eye level. This sign needs more definition (is it once in the water or just at the stairs?) as the sculptures were approved to be placed on the West side of the area, with approval from the City. The sign also looks like it is pinning divers against swimmers. Steve has written a letter to his contacts at the City. We were hoping to have this meeting prior to them taking any actions, but now that they have, they need to give specifics. In the letter, Steve did a great job addressing contributions to the area brought forward by Lorie, Ian and Diane. Some examples include taking a wire brush to the stairs at the water to remove slippery algae, leaving the bathrooms in better shape than found on arrival, clean-up dives at the start/end of the season and cleaning up any trash that they find while they are there. The idea of a second set of stairs was still added to the list, but will take money.

Some other suggestions for Centeen, if there is a need for signs, was to have a “Terms of Use” board like what they have at boat ramps. If the City needs more information on how many divers come to the area, then I am sure we can get that. Divers stay in the area and they frequent the local restaurants during their stay. How many Cities do you know of that include a dive flag at two of their exits as you enter town? Most complaints of divers are one offs, and generally from the same people. These are all items that need to be discussed with the right people. Tourism is on our side so we just need to sit down with the right people in council and discuss some solutions.

Financials: As July 31= $2329.74. Blockhouse Tunnel Bay Clean-up yielded us a profit of $60.00, but more importantly, some new members. We spent $220.00, Corporate spent $220.00 and the City of Brockville donated $500.00 to cover off insurance needs. We are still awaiting formal approval for project funding and mooring supplies.

Moorings: Who is in charge of the Ash Island Barges? There was some discussion regarding the large mooring block that has slid down to the wreck and the line is now chaffing against the wreck and is wearing thin. Ian and Diane would like to know what is involved as they are there every few weeks. If they can be of service, they are willing to help. Tom Scott update: The Thousand Island Chapter decided a few years ago not to manage this site so Wayne Green and Helen Cooper took it over and are responsible for its upkeep. Any inquiries or offers should go through them.

Would a mooring workshop be an asset over the off months so that more people have the knowledge to repair/replace, etc moorings? Tom Scott is willing and able to do this during the slower time of the year. We will discuss possible dates at a later date.

2G Robotics, Project Baseline and the Gaskin!!- We are still awaiting official approval for the Gaskin request and we are still waiting to hear back from 2 G Robotics regarding availability of the imaging unit. Tom Scott said that through a conversation, we have approval, so at least the natural monitoring stations can be determined. For information on 2 G Robotics and Project Baseline go to and

Action Items: Submission of last year’s project report – Brian Prince

Other items: Some other discussions took place regarding the idea of Corporate Sponsors/members like Tim Hortons as an example. Ian mentioned that they had a diver in one of their ads. I did see a pics of divers holding a Tim Hortons cup during a dive. The Thousand Islands Chapter might also benefit from better marketing. If we can get more prints of the area maps, more membership forms out to the charter operators and instructors.

Meeting adjourned: 8:36 pm

Next meeting: Monday September 8, 2014 and will be back at Bud’s On the Bay upstairs in the meeting room.