Chapter meeting reminder and eel poster

May 9, 2015

Hello Everyone,

We have a Chapter meeting this coming Tuesday at 7 pm, Bud’s on the Bay in the upper room. There is A LOT going on and input is needed so that the season runs smooth.

I have attached an Eel monitoring sheet that Matt Windle has done up. If you see an American Eel, please use this sheet to report the sighting. He is in the process of making up some other forms/packages and should have them ready soon.

On the Agenda so far we have:

Mooring dates
Benches at Centeen
City of Brockville’s involvement
Token sales and feedback
Sculptures and timings
All Ships and SOS involvement
Ideas for the Blockhouse Island Divers access-slippery ramp (as mentioned by a few divers)
“Diver Passports” - on hold until more information on some dive sites is provided to Steve Hatch

Hope to see you there!



Eel Poster - diver information sheet.pdf443.18 KB