Meeting Feb 10 7 pm Bud's on the Bay

February 3, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Please come out to the SOS meeting on Tuesday Feb 10th at Bud’s on the Bay at 7 pm. We will have a quick meeting to bring you all up to date then we have a special guest! Matt Windle from the St. Lawrence River Institute in Cornwall is going to join us and give his presentation on the freshwater eels.

Matt Windle is a researcher with the institute and they have various projects, one being the American Eel, which is currently on the Endangered Species list. They are really cool to see and are very misunderstood with regards to habitat etc. Matt is giving several presentations over the next few weeks highlighting the importance of citizen science and the huge potential benefits of working with the diving community in the St. Lawrence River. We are lucky to have him take time to come and talk to the group. Come out and learn about the eels in the river and what we can do to help!

The St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences is a non-governmental organization encompassing environmental research, education and community action. Their research efforts on how large river ecosystems function has earned them an international reputation. In addition to the American Eel and the Walleye they also have ongoing projects with the Little Brown Bat-health and habitat, the Cutlip minnow (species at risk), and St. Lawrence River biodiversity including fish, wildlife and water quality. For more information I encourage you to check out their website .

The agenda for our updates:

Centeen benches and sculpture park
Printing of more pamphlets with map
New insurance with membership
Upcoming projects
Eel presentation by Matt Windle of the St. Lawrence River Institute

Thanks and see you Tuesday!