Minutes from Feb 10, 2015

February 15, 2015

Meeting Minutes for Tuesday February 10, 2015
7 pm at Bud’s on the Bay, Brockville, ON

Called to order at 7:02 pm by Tom.

Attendance: Tom Scott, Steve Hatch, Roy Letts, David Sheridan, Tim Legate, Todd Gillies, Sharon VanSchyndel, John VanSchyndel, Ian Zimmerman, Greg Buscombe and Jen Bush.

Agenda items ;

Financials: 2014 Year end $2116.89, report sent to SOS
Cheque to Ketchum for tags $429.97
Monthly fee $2.50
Current balance should be $1684.42

Sculpture Park/The Centeen Park Projects/Tags: Tags will soon go out to operators and shops that have agreed to sell these to divers. Tags will sell for $10 and proceeds go to Centeen Park to improve parking and create structures (such as benches-see below) that will benefit the dive community. A portion of the proceeds will also go to the sculpture park for materials.

Benches at Centeen: Waiting on a response from a couple resources but the main quotes are in. Tom will get in touch with resources to see if we can get a break on labour or materials. These benches are intended to aid in divers kitting up. Anyone who has been to the Rothesay will have seen an example of this bench. Four divers will be able to kit up at the same time (Two on each side). We are planning on a couple benches this season to kick things off and show the benefit of purchasing a dive tag.

Dive Passports: Steve is still working on the Diver Passports, he has reached out for help but not much response. Steve really needs dive briefing info from people who have dove on these local wrecks and good pictures.

New items: Reprint of the pamphlet “Wrecks of Eastern Lake Ontario & The Upper St. Lawrence”.

American Fresh water eels: Matt Windle from the St. Lawrence River Institute gave a great presentation on fresh water eels. He is also looking forward to working with divers with respect to Eel reporting. If you are not familiar with the fresh water American Eel, I suggest you look at some of the videos available on Youtube. One is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8onAmyuzIY . Mystery of Eels Full Length Wild Documentary- Wild Life Documentary

As we get closer to the dive season I will send updates on how we can help this project. Eels are endangered and do not breed in the river or Lake Ontario.

Finally, I would like to touch on Membership. Membership dues have gone up by $10/year. This increase includes insurance so that all members can participate in ANY S.O.S event without the need to purchase additional OUC insurance. This saves you $35.00 per year! S.O.S. events require all participants to be insured with OUC liability insurance and those rates have increased this year to $45.00. This includes any volunteers, participants, and any travelling instruction (NAS training in a pool or on shore). Previously if one person was not insured, then the entire event was not insured which left everyone at risk. This new insurance that S.O.S. has secured ensures that any member in good standing and any volunteer (such as a crane operator or additional support) is also covered. The S.O.S board has covered a % of the insurance and has distributed the remaining cost over the membership. If you are still in a 2 year or a 5 year membership, when you renew you will see the increase, but you are covered for the remainder of your membership term. If you are unsure what your status is, I encourage you to sign into the SOS website and take a look at your Membership card to view your membership expiry date. If you need to renew, please renew!

If you would like to have another speaker or think that someone would have something that would interest the group, please let us know so that we can book them for one of the meetings.


Next meeting: 7 pm Tuesday Tuesday March 10th at Bud’s on the Bay upstairs.