survey update

August 29, 2014

Hey guys,

Wishing everyone a fun-filled and relaxing long weekend.

Our next NAS survey dive is coming up in a couple of weeks, and is scheduled for Sunday, September 14. We will likely run two charters off Andy Bennis's boat, "Bottom Time": a morning charter (meet at Guindon Park at 8:30am), and an afternoon charter (meet around 1:30pm).

Things have been going well this year - we are refining our survey methodology, divers are getting more experience, the site plan is coming along, and we've got some high quality photos and video. There also are some interesting leads in terms of historical research, which might identify this wreck. Plus, we've generated a lot of positive publicity for SOS and the Ottawa Chapter.

Here is a link to a story about our project, which appeared in the Cornwall paper a few weeks ago:

Thanks again to all the participants who have already contributed their time, energy, and enthusiasm to this project.

Please let me know at your earliest possible convenience if you are able to attend the dives on Sept 14, so we can plan accordingly.


John Ratcliffe
Survey Coordinator
Ottawa Chapter, SOS